Beast Kingdom Marvel Spiderman Action Figure


Beast Kingdom Exclusive 2020 Spiderman Peter Parker Egg Attack Action Figure EAA-088.

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Sideshow and Beast Kingdom present a new 6-inch Egg Attack Action (EAA) series action figure inspired by the classic comic book “The Amazing Spider-Man.” This new Peter Parker/Spider-Man figure features one of Spider-Man’s iconic abilities: his Spidey sense, which warns him of potential danger. The figure exhibits the classic style of the EAA series and includes two interchangeable heads, one with a full mask and one with Peter Parker’s mouth exposed. It also includes two interchangeable mouth shapes (normal and pouting), four pairs of interchangeable hands, and four pairs of interchangeable magnetic eyes. In addition to the various head accessories, the following indispensable Peter Parker/Spider-Man accessories are included: three spider silks that Spider-Man can use during battle, Peter’s camera for his job as a photographer, a khaki backpack for class, and pizza for delivery.

With this figure, you can have the ultimate hands-on experience with the classic teenage superhero, the amazing Spider-Man. This one is a must for your collection!

The Peter Parker (Spider-Man) Egg Attack Action Figure comes with:

  • Spider-Man head covered in cloth
  • Spider-Man head with mouth exposed (normal and pouting)
  • Egg Attack exclusive body with clothing
  • Four pairs of interchangeable eyes
  • Four pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Accessories: pizza, camera, khaki backpack, three types of spider silk, Spidey sense special effect
  • Dedicated figure stand