Mego Action Figures Singapore

Here at Mr Toys, we pride ourselves in providing you the lowest and most affordable option for your Mego Action figures collectibles here in Singapore.

Action Figures are extremely well received as gift for a child or kid. With the uptrend on Marvel Comics and DC comics movies along the way. Characters such as Wonder-Woman, Superman, Batman, Joker, Spiderman and Ironman are all well known for children across all ages. The children receiving an Action Figure will be extremely delighted and remember for a very long time.

If you are new to collecting Action Figures do check out our recommended products or best seller to your Action Figures collectibles journey with us today. We also at a occasional period provide Limited Edition Mego Action Figures in Singapore that is highly valuable in the collector world.

Sole Distributor for Action Figures in Singapore – Bulk Orders

Mr Toys provide a vast range Action Figures here in Singapore. If Comics based Action Figures is not your thing, then do visit our Retro and Movie Characters action figures section below for a full overview of what is suitable for you.

We are also the only sole distributor here in Singapore whether it is DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Movie Characters or Retro Collectibles that is worth collecting or gifting. Should you have any request such as bulk orders regarding Action Figures do visit our contact page and let us know. We will be happy to serve and help you out.

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